March 1st Deadline to Add 4-H Projects & New Members

We’ve been fielding many questions at the office about the March 1st deadline. A few clarifications need to be made.

  1. Being a 4-H member in good standing means that you will be able to exhibit at the Wisconsin Valley Fair. Check with your community club as far as how many meetings or what kind of community service is required in order for you to show. New members must be enrolled, and repeating members must be re-enrolled by MARCH 1, 2017 if they wish to show at the 2017 WI Valley Fair.
  1. March 1 is the deadline to add a 4-H Project within your child’s 4-H online account. You can access that account by going to: Look at what PROJECTS your child is enrolled in. A 4-H project is an area of study.

If your child has decided that they want to learn more about Creative Writing this year, they should enroll in “Creative Writing”. If your child is thinking about working with a grade holstein heifer calf that was born in February, they should be sure to enroll in “dairy”. If your child has an inkling that they would like to show an art project created at school this year, they should be sure to enroll in “art”.

FAIR DEPARTMENTS ARE NOT THE SAME AS 4-H PROJECT AREAS. Please see the attached PDF entitled, “4-H Projects to WI Valley Fair Departments” for more information. (It is also found on page 57 of the 2015-2016 WI Valley Fair Book.)

Some projects have more stringent requirements for their educational standards (such a horses, market animals, dogs, and shooting sports), for such reasons as safety and/or risk management. You must abide by these requirements if you want to exhibit at the Wisconsin Valley Fair.

Please also note, if you are in Kindergarten – 2nd grade, you are only eligible to be in the “Cloverbud” Project. Current 3-5th graders are welcomed to join any project areas, as well as the “Exploring” Project, which features a little bit of everything. “Exploring” is not the same as “Exploring Your Environment”.

  1. It is not time yet to sign up for WISCONSIN VALLEY FAIR EXHIBITS. This sign-up will happen through the Showorks website in May – early June. A new fairbook will be distributed in May after District meetings. For now, feel free to reference the 2015 – 2016 Wisconsin Valley Fair Book online for ideas of what your child may bring as fair exhibits: Once again, signing up for fair exhibits that will be shown at the fair in August does not happen until May.

You can be an “achieving” 4-H member, even if you decide not to participate at the fair. Learning in your project areas should be happening year-round. Participation in your community club should be happening year-round. 4-H stretches beyond one week in August.

Please be sure to contact your community club leader if you have questions. Don’t remember their contact info? Check this website: If you still have questions, please e-mail Janette at, Megan at, or call the UW-Extension Office at 715-261-1230. We are happy to help you!


More info & Clarification at:

4-H Deadlines

4-H Projects to WI Valley Fair Departments

Thank you for your time, passion, and energy in Marathon 4-H! We look forward to seeing you soon.

Megan Suehring

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