Basket Weaving Class

Department 18 – Cultural Arts Basket Weaving Class

Hosted by:  Jacky Luetschwager


June 22, 2018

Ringle Town Hall, 7101 Town Hall Road, Ringle.

10 am – 3 pm (maybe a bit longer)

Class taught by Mark Henderickson


“Williamsburg” market basket with a dyed reed chain design. (7″ x7″ base x 12.5″high with a 12″ circumference at the rim)  It is made with rattan reed and a hardwood Williamsburg handle.  Student has a choice of dyed reed selection for a friendship chain design woven into the basket. Handle wrap options are also discussed.

The basket is a beginner / intermediate beginner basket and is considered a 5-6 hour basket. It is based on an American Heritage basket design linked to Colonial Williamsburg Virginia which was established as a colony in 1634.  This is one of the first uniquely American Heritage styles incorporating European and Native American basketry techniques.


The Learning Objectives include:

*Overview of weaving tools

*Wood handle preparation

*Reed identification and preparation

*Base layout

*Locking row twining

*Start-Stop weaving

*Basket shaping

*Rim fabrication and handle scarfing

*Rim lashing

*Discussion of finishing, care, and overall basket categories / valuation


$30 for each basket.


I will put together tools / tool kits for student use, but will also provide for a general tool listing to bring to the class if they wish to use their own tools


Adults welcome too!  Call (715) 297-0197 by June 18 to register.




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