Artificial Insemination Certification Program

At this two – day AI training, students will receive training in the skills required to handle semen, inseminate cows and the management of a successful AI program.

Supervised instruction and guidance are essential to learning how to AI.  To ensure high fertility, frozen semen requires very special storage and handling techniques be followed.  Adequate training is also essential to minimize the risk of injury to either a valuable animal or to yourself.

What should you Expect?

Classroom instruction in:

  • Anatomy of the cow.
  • Demonstration of proper insemination techniques.
  • Practice inseminating reproductive tracts.
  • Proper use and maintenance of inseminating equipment and semen storage units.
  • proper thawing and handling of frozen semen.
  • heath detection, signs of heat, methods and aids.
  • Cattle identification and herd records

Live cow insemination practice

  • Two separate sessions with the cows.
  • Availability of at least 2 cows per student, with each student having access to a minimum of 10 practice cows.
  • Trained instructors will provide you individual guidance and assistance.

Don’t expect an AI Training School to do it all for you.  Supervised training is just the beginning, continuous practice is necessary to fully develop the required skills.


There is no national program for certification in artificial insemination.  However, you will receive a “Certificate of Completion” at the end of the school.


$125 – includes manual and lunch/ snack each day.

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